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Let's Create a Child-Friendly School, Our Desired Educational Institution

Reflecting on the increasing behavior of violence in schools, both done by adults to students and between students themselves, the establishment of child-friendly schools is important to begin in order to ensure a safe educational environment. Based on data from the Indonesian Child Protection Commission, violent behavior in schools is still prevalent. Violence in educational institutions does not only occur at the secondary and high school levels, but also at the elementary school level, even in kindergarten. To avoid violence in schools and create child-friendly schools, there are several important aspects that need attention. Psychosocial Aspects in Child Friendly Schools Child-friendly schools need to pay attention to the emotional health of the people in them, without exception. Good interaction and social relations in school will help the emotional and intellectual development of children. If this condition can be realized, then intimidation, sexual harassment, and violent
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Find Out the Meaning Behind Your Urine Color

Urine is expelled by the body to remove toxins and waste substances from the blood. These substances will affect the color of urine. That is why, changes in the color of urine can be used to describe the health condition of the body. Normal urine color varies from pale yellow, clear, to golden. This yellow color comes from the body pigment called urochrome. The more you drink water, the color of urine will be paler. The pale color of urine can also be caused by consumption of diuretic drugs, which are drugs to stimulate urine output. While urine that is green, brown, blue, or red, can be caused by an illness, such as infection or injury in the urinary tract, and damage to red blood cells. It can also be caused by drugs, food, and drinks consumed. Recognize the Meaning of Urine Color As a guide to the health condition of the body, the following is the meaning of the color of urine that you need to know: Dark chocolate Brown or dark brown urine can be a sign of problems in t

Don't Be Sad, Get Rid of Loneliness in These Methods

There are times when a person feels lonely at some point in his life. This incident is actually still considered normal. However, when feelings of loneliness occur in the long term, it should be addressed immediately to prevent possible adverse effects. A feeling of loneliness that occurs deeply and prolonged may have an adverse effect on health. There are several risk factors that may occur, such as stress, sleep disorders, increased blood pressure, to weakening your immune system so you are more susceptible to disease. The Right Way to Get Rid of Loneliness Do not think that feelings of loneliness only arise because you do not have a partner or just married. The results revealed that even married people may still experience loneliness. Therefore, so that loneliness does not occur protracted and disrupt your health, try to do the following steps to get rid of loneliness: Perform various routine activities Feeling lonely tends to continue to hit if you are silent while lam